Independent cultural policy designers, known in the field for their policy work across Europe and beyond, launched a new network for policy design in the cultural and creative sectors. The eight founders of the Cultural Policy Designers Network (CPDN) have joined forces to provide alternative and independent partnerships that draw on international expertise for advice, strategic planning and project implementation in the arts, culture and the creative economy.

The founders of CPDN are Toni Attard (Malta), Fanny Bouquerel (France), Cristina Farinha (Portugal), Tom Fleming (UK), Philippe Kern (Belgium), Petya Koleva (Bulgaria), Luka Piškorič (Slovenia) and Ragnar Siil (Estonia).

As the first European network for professional cultural policy experts operating from within the non-governmental sector, CPDN will serve as a platform for its members to develop partnerships with national, regional, European and international institutions.

The network wants to operate as a truly European force providing expertise in the cultural fields to serve the European project in its social, economic and diplomatic dimension. CPDN intends to be a knowledge-based independent partner, free from any political affiliations or lobby groups.

In the coming months, the first Council of CPDN will be launching a membership call for interested individuals who may wish to join the network. It will also start connecting with  other networks and organisations interested in exploring new and alternative solutions to challenges in cultural development through a collaborative pan-European approach.

For further information email Ragnar Siil,