About us

The Cultural Policy Designers Network brings together independent European cultural policy experts. As a voluntary, membership based network, we provide a collaborative platform for high quality advice, strategic planning and project implementation in the cultural and creative sectors alongside international, national, regional, local and EU-level policy-makers and all other interested stakeholders.

The network promotes the interests of cultural and creative sectors, cares for the European integration project and its values, and believes in the advancement of society through the arts, culture and creativity. We are a knowledge-based, independent partner, free from any political affiliations or lobby groups. The Cultural Policy Designers Network advocates for better conditions for the entire cultural and creative sector and therefore for the society at large.

Our mission is to:

  • promote European integration values and support social, urban and environmental development development through arts, culture and creativity;
  • bring together high-level experts from across Europe with experience and knowledge in the cultural and creative sectors;
  • offer new and alternative solutions to challenges in cultural development through a collaborative pan-European approach;
  • create a working structure that supports members to initiate, pitch, develop and manage large-scale international projects;
  • collaborate with institutes and European services working in the field related to culture and creativity;
  • promote rights and working conditions for culture and creative professionals;
  • support visibility and professional development of its members and partners.
Members in the Cultural Policy Designers Network are provided with access to cultural expertise requested in the European Union and other countries; international visibility of experts and their work; networking and knowledge sharing opportunities with peers across Europe; and collaborative opportunities to participate in projects.

The Cultural Policy Designers Network provides its partners with 
better access to high-quality expertise from wide-range of countries and sectors; stronger partnership with governments, international organisations and national institutes to develop and implement projects; a trustworthy partner with proven track-record to implement projects; independent pan-European services from European experts; and strengthened capacities and increased diversity in European cultural expertise. If you would like to become our partner email us on info@culturaldesigners.eu.

Management structure

The association is managed by the General Assembly of all its members, which convenes at least once in two years. The General Assembly elects a Council. The role of the Council is to set the strategic vision and objectives, accept new members, and prepare guidelines for initiating and implementing projects. The members of the Council are elected for a period of up to two years. The role of the Management Board is to manage the day-to-day legal and administrative activities of the association. The board is appointed by the Council for a period of up to two years.